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E415 xanthane gum

E415 xanthane gum
  • E415 xanthane gum
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Country of manufacture:China

Ksantanovy gum (ksantan) – natural polysaccharide; the natural E415 nutritional supplement used for production of food as the stabilizer, a thickener, a geleobrazovatel, means for capsulation; the moistening means in the cosmetic industry.


Ksantan represents the powder of clean or grayish color which does not have a smell and taste.

Natural source of ksantanovy gum are Xanthomonas campestris bacteria where it contains in intercellular substance.

Receive ksantan by fermentation of glucose or sucrose Xanthomonas campestris bacteria. Fermentation of initial products continues from one to four days. After end of a cycle of fermentation to raw materials dobavlyaestya isopropyl alcohol therefore polysaccharide drops out in the form of a deposit. The deposit is filtered and dried. The received powder is delivered on the enterprises of the food industry as E415 additive.

The main property of E415 additive - a uvelichiyeniye of viscosity of liquid at addition of substance in very small quantity (usually it is less than 1% ). Unlike other thickeners, ksantanovy gum has stable properties in very wide range of temperatures (from - 18 ºС to 120 ºС) and acidities (from 2 to 12 pH).

Ksantan – very strong thickener, and in combination with gum of a carob tree and other thickeners gains properties of a geleobrazovatel.


In food often meets in sauces and salads. Though by the nature additive is not emulsifier, it helps to keep uniformity of a consistence of a product.

In the bakery industry at shortage of a gluten in flour E415 additive is added to dough, for giving of bigger viscosity and glutinosity to it.

In production of mayonnaise additive is applied to improvement of a svyazyvayemost of artificial egg whites and a fatty emulsion.

Besides E415 additive helps to reduce losses of liquid at heat treatment and the subsequent storage of food products.

Also ksantanovy gum is used:

in the boring industry (for improvement of characteristics of drilling mud fluid);

in cosmetics (a prigotovoleniye of cosmetic gels)

Fasovaniye - a bag of 25 kg


Country producer – China

Country of manufacture:China
Information is up-to-date: 31.07.2019
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